Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Use Supplements for a Quick Weight Loss Diet?

Why would anyone want to use a supplement on a quick weight loss diet? Most people don't and that can be a mistake. And, it is even a bigger mistake if you don't take the right type of supplement. Let me explain.

The human body is amazing. During most quick weight loss diets, the person reduces their caloric intake. Initially, this does lead to some weight reduction, but the weight loss usually stops. The human body is able to adjust itself to the lower calorie intake and it will start to build fat tissue again, even at the lower calorie level. Why? Because when the human body first starts to lose weight, it is losing a lot of water and lean muscle tissue. Initially, the human body tries to maintain the fat tissue in case it needs to use it further down the road. So, while your hunger pains grow, you are not burning the fat that you really want to lose. In most cases, dieters leave the diet and start their normal eating. Now, the human body has less lean muscle tissue and it is able to store more fat. This is called "yo-yo" dieting and over time, most people will weigh more than they ever did.

This is why supplements can be of value during a quick weight loss diet. A good supplement will reduce your urge to eat while enhancing your metabolism to burn more energy. Good supplements will prevent the body from consuming lean muscle tissue, and in doing so, this additional tissue will burn more energy. Good supplements will also reduce your cholesterol level and help control your blood pressure. You are able to maintain the diet with a good supplement and this will lead to the weight loss that you are looking for.

There are many supplements on the market. One supplement that I have tried, and still use is Herbalife Total Control. I used it and lost 31 pounds in 46 days. I took two pills in the mid-morning hours and two more pills in the mid-afternoon hours, and I never really felt hungry. Best of all, I felt like I had more energy. The pounds fell off and I was able to get to my desired weight of 120 pounds. I now take two pills a day to maintain my weight and I have done this for three years. I feel great!

My message to everyone is, don't be afraid to use a supplement while you are dieting. I used Herbalife Total Control, but you can look around and find the supplement that works for you. The point is, supplements can be of great value while on a quick weight loss diet.